To maintain control over your labor expenses, we recommend that once-a-week you make sure all your locations are maintaining their weekly budgeted labor and that schedules are sent. It only takes a couple of minutes.

1. Sign in to WorkAlertz

2. Click the "Next week" link so you're looking at next week's schedule.

3. One by one, select each of your locations from the pulldown menu in the upper-righthand corner to confirm next week's schedules have been completed and do not exceed their budgets. You can see the scheduled labor total on any schedule in the lower righthand corner. If you're satisfied, be sure the schedule has been sent. (You can confirm when a schedule has been sent by looking right underneath the schedule dates. It'll say "This schedule was sent on..." in green).

If changes need to be made and the schedule has already been sent, you should make the changes and send the revised schedule.

Schedules that are not sent, will NOT be preserved in the Schedule History, so it's important to make sure the schedule is sent every week.

TIP: You can set up warnings when a schedule's weekly budgeted hours have been exceeded.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call WorkAlertz support anytime at (877) 225-9675.